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TBRC Warlock Twin Boom


Introducing the TBRC Warlock Twin Boom.


From concept to 3D render to a flying prototype this project has been a long time coming.  But finally it's now official and we are going to offer this plane to the masses.  There are so many options with this bird,  twin motor tractor,  single motor pusher or go all out and run three motors on it.  It can be built as a  slow cruiser or a super fast  performance ship.    Its compound wing design is composed of three wing panels,  the central panel is straight 12" wide central chord the wing tips are forward swept tapered at 15" each offering a total wingspan of 42" of surreal stability.   The airfoil is fully symmetrical making this very sporty and aerobatic if that is your flying style yet it remains so stable and  controllable it is like flying a trainer.      


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