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TBRC Media

Feel free to use this intro clip and logos in your flight videos. 

The Taranis icons will be able to be dropped right onto your Taranis transmitter to be displayed when you select your model 

TBRC Wings video Intro
TBRC Wings Logo for marketing
TBRC Taranis Model Logos

TBRC Green Ocean


LR 60 Remaiden


TBRC Wings on RCTV


Proximity Run Full Throttle crash


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© 2015 TBRC WINGS 

TBRC 60 At Cape Spear NFLD 


TBRC FPV Near Wind Turbine


Big Bird in a Little field -TBRC60


Battle of the Giants


Mist Opportunity


TBRC Formation Flying


TBRC Promo Video


2014 North American FPV Meet 

Prequel to NAFPV 2014


TBRC Wing Maiden Flight

FPV Dancing with TBRC Wings


SPECUAV Entry With TBRC Wing

TBRC Wing Low Flying


Daily Planet - TBRC


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