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How your TBRC Wing is made

The block of foam is marked with the wing and the blunt templates

A gravity fed hot wire is used to cut the slab into blanks 

After the gravity fed hot wire has cut the slab into a strip of blanks

The hot wire is placed on the foam with precision

The strip of slabs is now fed into the CNC hot wire to cut it up into the individual blanks for the wings and the blunt section. 

In the CNC hot wire machine weights are used to hold the foam from moving while its being cut into blanks


A dedicated computer runs the CNC software which drives the hot wire cutting machine.

After the blanks are cut its time for the individual pieces to be put into the CNC machine to cut them out. Here you can see the blunt getting cut by the hot wire.

Here is a left wing freshly cut from the CNC hot wire machine

The left wing and the blunt are kept close by, waiting for the right wing to be cut

The right wing is getting cut in the CNC hot wire machine to complete all the foam cutting required for this plane

The 3 pieces of the plane are now cut and looking good together. It finally is looking like a plane.

A hole is drilled into each piece which is for the carbon fibre spar. By having the spar embedded in the wing like this it adds a great deal of strength and it minimises the cuts you need to make on the outside leading to a much cleaner build.

The wings are put in a box ready for shipping to your doorstep. In the box you will find the 3 foam pieces, along with the balsa elevons, coroplast bay hatch, our custom TBRC winglets, tough wooden motor mount, a carbon fibre spar,some fiberglass rods for extra reinforcing and enough laminate to cover your plane. You also receive some TBRC decals to decorate your new plane.

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