TBRC Reflex 38 - The best FPV race wing

The TBRC FPVWRA Spec wing is compliant with the spec wing racing rules set by the FPVWRA, where each plane is the same. The TBRC FPVWRA Spec wing is made from our super durable #Superfoam, so you can be flying more and fixing less. This is an ideal plane for someone who is new to flying a wing and competing in wing racing in general.

Get excited for wing racing!!!

TBRC FPVWRA Spec Wing Price: $59.99 USD

If you are in the USA you can purchase the plane directly from the FPVWRA We have done a deal with them so that all profits from this wing will go to them to help them run the organisation and help them create amazing races and events for you, the pilots.

If you are outside of the USA and want to get one you can use the link below.

FPVWRA Spec Electronics 


Motor: Cobra CP-2210 2200kv

Battery: 2200mah 3s

Propeller: 6x4 APC

These components are not a requirements of the FPVWRA

Esc: 40a ESC

Servos : 9g Metal Gear

Any FPV system you like, as long as it's capable of 200mw and raceband