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Wings Simulator

Wings is a next generation RC flight simulator.
High speed racing with friends in online multiplayer, gentle cruising through the clouds, or exploring the expansive open flying areas. Doesn't matter if you prefer line of sight or FPV. Wings has it all.

* 25 different aircraft
* 16 player multiplayer

* Freeflight or Racing
* Over 1600 acres to explore
* Use your transmitter as a controller

Gently soaring through the clouds, skimming treetops or keeping it low to the ground while going like a bat out of hell, Wings lets you experience the thrills of model airplane flying without the fear of crashing and having to fix and repair. You can fly solo or you can be joined in the sky with your friends. Perhaps you enjoy free flying or is competitive multiplayer more your thing? Come and take a look at what Wings has to offer.

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