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The TBRC Apex just got better!!! Introducing the TBRC APEX V2. You can expect the same killer performance as our original design but now these tough little airframes are manufactured with our all new 1.7# HEPP (Hybrid Expanded Poly Propylene) This stuff has come to be known as #superfoam and it’s almost indestructible! 
When the original Apex was released it quickly became one of the hottest little wings to hit the market. The 700mm (27.5") wingspan allows it to be flown in both small parks or on a race course. Setup with 2S or 3S it can be easily be flown in the area the size of a baseball diamond or you can equip it with some serious power on 4S for some kick ass performance as a racer. The TBRC Apex V2 is designed to use mini quad motors, props and ESC’s making it a very inexpensive platform to get you in the air. 
​The kit comes supplied with the wing cores, carbon fiber spars, coroplast winglets, balsa elevons, coroplast equipment bay hatch, 3mm SuperStick laminate, laser cut motor mount, motor adapter plate, control horns and a decal set. 
​The CG is 94mm from the nose.  

TBRC Apex V2

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