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  • Input voltage: 7-28v
  • Sensitivity: -90dBm
  • Current consumption: MAX330mA@12v
  • Antenna connector: SMA
  • AV out: earphone 2.5mm
  • OLED resolution: 128x64 pixels
  • Channels: 6 bands 48 channels
  • Frequency range: 5300-6000MHz
  • Dimension: 110x100x20mm
  • Weight: 97g


  • 1x FXT 5.8GHz 48CH Triversity Receiver
  • 3x Antenna
  • 1x RCA audio/video cable
  • 1x XT60 power-in cable
  • 1x User Manual

FXT Triversity Ground Station VRX

  • Two channel diversity receivers are popular because they allow you to mix antenna types, but how about going one better with this three-channel diversity Rx from FXT? With the extra channel you could combine three high gain patch antennas for super long range wide FOV coverage or you could mix two directional patch antennas with an omni-directional antenna for perfect all around reception. 

    The Rx operates on 5.8Ghz across 48 channels, including RaceBand frequencies. The receiver is easy to use thanks to its OLED display and simple press button menu functions, which includes an auto channel search. The display shows you useful information like current band and channel frequency and also signal strength for each channel. The unit can be powered from a 2-6S LiPo and it can be mounted on a tripod.


    • Built-in 3 independent receivers with diversity to automatically receive the best signal
    • LEDs to indicate which channel is in use
    • Supports 6 bands 48 channels with RaceBand
    • Multiple AV outputs (one for each Rx and a diversity output)
    • Built-in OLED display, easy to use button with channel autoscan
    • Powered by 2s-6s battery (7-28V)
    • Can be put on a tripod
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