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All our planes are now made with our brand new and unique HEPP foam. This #Superfoam allows your plane to take much more of a beating and still keep on flying. If you're tired of constantly repairing your plane then this new foam is for you. You haven't seen a foam like this before!
Fly more, Fix less. 

The final verdict is in on the TBRC 48" Mutant.

Quoted from the the owner/beta tester JC Johnson.

"Flew 2 packs (5s 4000mah) this morning with very little wind.  Flew both packs for 8 mins each, both showed around 50% (19.25 volts). With my setup,  I would guesstimate 7 to 10mins of flight time under normal circumstances.  After getting her all trimmed up I got a little altitude to test stall characteristics. Throttle off full stick back the nose fell slightly below the horizon and she began to slowly sink. Holding both sticks back I tried turning left and right to see what would happen..  Absolutely nothing, while mushy she was still very controllable with no harsh tip stalls or negative effects.  I then attempted to create a high speed stall with full throw of the servos.  However, was unable to do so. Next came the speed test.  These are guesses for sure, but I would say 15 to 20 on the slow end and 75 to 85 on the high.  I was actually very impressed with how slow and stable she flew.  I was staying low to the ground to have a good visual reference and kept waiting for her to fall out of the sky but instead she just chugged along.  On the high speed end she was stable and very responsive. I do think this would be a 100mph bird with a slightly different power setup.  I am uploading the full dvr and will get you a link shortly. I may be slightly biased but honestly am very impressed with the way she flew."

Here are the details on the design. 


So here are the details, the wings are using a blended airfoil, I used a MH 60 10.08% - Martin Hepperle airfoil for the root and a S5010 - Selig S5010 low Reynolds number airfoil on the tips.  I induced 2 degrees of washout in the tips.  Sweep angle is at 30 degrees.  Link below is the DVR of the flight.  First few minutes is just trimming her out.





You asked for it and you got it. Here is the NEW TBRC HD V2 OSD Board info and features.


DJI V1 Goggles

DJI V2 Goggles

DJI Goggles 2

HD Zero Goggles

Walksnail Avatar/Fatshark Dominator Goggles

Original DJI Air Units

Caddx Vistas

Run Cam Links

03 Air Units


HD Zero all VTX’s

Walksnail Avatar/Fatshark Dominator Goggles

Walksnail Avatar VTX’s


5V or 6V 3A BEC for servos and receiver power with voltage monitoring, if you go into overload the firmware will warn you.

Voltage selectable via a solder pad jumper to.

Dedicated 3A 10V BEC for VTX

Servo input for "arming" of the VTX (low power disarm). Allows you to do preflight checks without overheating your VTX and when ready switch to maximum transmission power of the VTX.

Current sensor rated for 132A continuous with a little airflow.

Real time current consumption and total mAh consumed counter.

Optional solder pads on bottom for power in/out, servo, VTX.

The mAh counter is accurate to within 1%.



Single cell voltage

Total pack voltage

Flight timer

Real time current draw

Total mAh consumption

Total wattage

Low battery warning message

Land now message on critical low voltage




We have made some improvements to the "micro spec wing"!  The SOS is still based off our ever popular FPVWRA approved spec wing however we have tweaked the design a bit to give you even greater performance.  Some washout has been added to the tips and we have thickened up the trailing edge a bit to make the wing even stiffer and it has really helped with slower flight possibilities. The SOS V2 has a total wing span of 600mm or 22" and fits nicely into the sub 250 gram category.  Despite it's small size it packs a heck of a lot of performance in both speed and handling which will surely put a smile on your face.  We hope to see many of you on the race tracks in the micro class soon. 

TBRC SOS Son Of A Spec Build Manual



Improvements and upgrades to the TBRC Warlock V2. Now manufactured using a fully symmetrical airfoil.   

From concept to 3D render to a flying prototype this project has been a long time coming but so worth it.  There are many options with this bird,  twin motor tractor,  single motor pusher or go all out and run three motors on it.  It can be built as a slow cruiser or a super fast  performance plane.  The compound wing design is composed of three wing panels,  the central panel has a untapered chord 12" wide, the wing tips are forward swept and tapered 15" wide offering surreal stability with a total wingspan of 42".   The new airfoil makes the Warlock V2 very sporty and aerobatic if that is your flying style.  It remains so stable and controllable at low speeds also which means it can be flown quite efficiently for longer flight times.      

TBRC Warlock Build Manual

TBRC Apex, 700mm flying wing, fast, small, nimble, agile, amazing. Mini Race Wing. Miniracewing

Smooth and Fast was the design criteria for this wicked airframe. 

What is the point of reaching 140 mph if it's not a smooth and pleasurable ride?  The Villain was designed to be fast on the track and hold lines in tight turns.  The ruler of the race track.  The ultimate head turner.  


TBRC Villain Build Manual


TBRC Apex, 700mm flying wing, fast, small, nimble, agile, amazing. Mini Race Wing. Miniracewing

TBRC Wings is now producing a spec wing for the FPVWRA spec racing class. This is made from our extremely durable #superfoam so you will be flying more and fixing less. We hope to see many of you on the race tracks

TBRC Spec Wing Build Manual English

TBRC Spec Wing Build Manual French

TBRC Apex, 700mm flying wing, fast, small, nimble, agile, amazing. Mini Race Wing. Miniracewing

700 mm of pint sized fun.  The Apex V2 were designed to run using common mini quad parts.  It is equally comfortable being built light weight and flown like a fun park flyer, or having a massive motor on the back and ripping up a race track at over 100 mph.  Perfect size for keeping in your car at all times ready to go flying at a moment's notice. 

TBRC Apex Build Manual

TBRC Reflex - The ultimate FPV racing wing. It's more than just a flying wing airplane

Ever wanted a plane that can do it all? The Reflex  38 V2 is designed to be the ultimate all rounder.  It can be built as a long range cruiser achieving long flight times  or as a nimble racer.  The Reflex series is no stranger to the race podium at local or international races.  Small enough to not be a burden to transport yet big enough to carry all the electronics you can imagine. 

TBRC Reflex 38 Build Manual

TBRC60. The best large flying wing for FPV. It's more than just a plane

The TBRC 60 has been around longer than most FPV pilots, there is a reason it's still popular.  With it's super stable flight characteristics and almost endless cruise capabilities the New 60 V3 is large and in charge. Flying this at your local field will certainly turn heads and give you stable smooth flights.  

TBRC 60 V3 Build Manual

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