Introducing the TBRC Micro Warlock.  Like it's big sister you can expect the same stability and performance as the full scale TBRC Warlock Twin Boom V2 but in a micro sized package.  The Micro Warlock features a fully symmetrical airfoil and is nimble stable and a pure joy to fly.  Like the full scale version there are many options with this bird,  twin motor tractor,  single motor pusher or go all out and run three motors on it.  It can be flown slow in tight spaces or super fast and chew up a ton of real estate in a hurry.   The compound wing design is composed of three wing panels,  the central panel is straight 7.75" wide central chord the wing tips are forward swept at 8.5" each for a total span of 24".    

TBRC 60 V3

Tried, tested and true, the TBRC 60 V3 is the ultimate in FPV flying wing platforms. Since its incarnation it has proved to be a first class design finding its flying playground all over the globe.

We didn't just bring back the 60, we have improved it. Months of R & D has gone into the re-release to give you everything you would expect from a TBRC Wing. Durability, stablility, unequivocal performance and flight characteristics. This craft is as sleek and as sexy as ever. By using complex methods to perfect and tweak it there was only one possible outcome....
This wing kicks ass!!!

If you want your wing to have that locked in feel, then the TBRC 60 V3 is for you.

TBRC 60 V3